What’s in Abucay, Bataan?

Got an invite for an out of town trip to Bataan this coming Good Friday. I wonder what’s in Abucay, Bataan? One click led to another:

  • Sibul Springs > It happens to be a natural spring which people frequent to ease their muscle pains.


The pool looks pretty refreshing. Hope it’s clean and well-maintained as it appears to be a public pool.

They also have an Olympic-size swimming pool; Source: xxx

  • Pasukulan Falls > Around 200 feet, the falls’ base is somewhat deep and ideal for good swimmers. Interesting but quite scared of flash floods.

Source: Mountaineer Is Always Free

  • Sto. Domingo Abucay Church > I’m not into religion nor history but it seems that this 417-year old church is a potential photography subject. What’s interesting, I didn’t know that there was a Dutch invasion in the Philippines. Apparently, this church witnessed the bloodshed between the local folks and Dutch men back in 1647.
  • Tomas Pinpin Monument & Maria Canon Statue > I can’t find a decent picture nor info about these works of art. But it’s OK, I’m not really into statues as I find it really creepy.
  • Christmas Village of Mabatang > Too bad, it’s April
  • Bataan Greenhills Farm Resort > Tagged as Bataan’s Coolest Resort in Town, I wonder what’s cool about it? I saw nothing but these pictures. Cool eh?
    After my research, now I’m faced with the question: Should I stay or should I go? Hmmm… I’d probably still go.

6 thoughts on “What’s in Abucay, Bataan?

    • just got back from abucay and the resort we went to was in fact Sibul Springs…hehe!
      post ko experience ko dun…speak to you soon 🙂
      kaw, san ka nag-holy week?

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