Good Friday in Abucay

Though I had originally planned to stay at home and do general cleaning during the Holy Week, LAD and I decided to join her family for an out of town trip to Abucay, Bataan.


We left Manila around 10:30 in the morning. I was dreading the traffic all the way to Bataan (two-hour drive from Manila; approximately 119 kms). To my surprise, we didn’t encounter any procession, nor parade of penitents and flagellants. We were all clueless (except for LAD’s aunt, Tita Daldal) as to where we were going, but true enough, my research has prepared me for it. Our destination, Sibul Springs.

Sibul Springs: Olympic-size swimming pool

Located at Brgy. Gabon, Sibul Springs is a nature resort which houses three swimming pools. The water comes from a natural spring which is believed to have sulfur properties that help ease muscle tensions. It is also believed to be a safe drinking water which I have personally tried. Luckily, I didn’t have any toilet encounters after drinking it.

The resort terrain is relatively elevated with an expanse lot area (some areas are still underdeveloped). It is a secluded place in a jungle-like ambiance. The walk path is a series of stairs with wide steps or landings which may be difficult for the disabled and elderly to walk through. Resort crowd was mostly locals.

Entrance fee is relatively cheap, around PhP40 per head. However, the resort is only open for day swimming. An acquaintance of Tita Daldal happens to know the owner of Sibul Springs so we got in for free and was able to stay overnight at the resort. Though there were cottages in the area, I had a hard time sleeping on the stone-cold floor with mutant mosquitoes feasting on me.

Unfortunately, the resort has poor upkeep of the entire place, including the toilet and shower areas with weak water pressure. I only noticed a few maintenance personnel cleaning up the litter and emptying the trash bins. There were also many areas with stagnant water, which explains the mosquitoes.

There’s nothing much to brag about the place (in relation to my preference). It’s a matter of how you deal with the situation and adapt to the environment… and I chose to enjoy by finding ways and things that would amuse me 😉 :

  • Though cramped, I enjoyed sitting at the back of the van with all the baggage around me. The food and drinks were just within reach!
  • It’s fun watching people prepare their food from scratch while cooking it using the old school firewood. I got used to eating in restaurants on trips with my family and we rarely eat packed lunch, just mostly candies and junk food.
  • I had the best papaitan and kalderetang kambing. There’s no trace of bitterness nor foul smell to it.
  • It is the first time I hesitated to swim though I was sweating too much
  • I didn’t drink alcohol and slept early
  • I was able to sleep with the lights on, with people laughing in the background, and with my back flat on a cold, hard floor
  • I woke up early and had a morning stroll (which I’ve been longing to do)
  • I enjoyed baby sitting
  • I drank water from an unknown source and didn’t get diarrhea
  • I had fun while experiencing little sacrifices during the Lenten season

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