Are you worth the stress Mr. Mayer?

Channel V started selling John Mayer concert tickets last March 26 with an early bird promo. Excited, I immediately called their office and reserved two platinum tickets which cost PhP10,000 each but only until April 15 (original price is at PhP12,000). It was a quick call and the girl I have spoken to told me to wait for a text message  next week. Oooohhhh…that was easy! I thought, I would still have to pick up a fight just to secure those tickets.

I’m willing to spend that much since I love John Mayer‘s songs. I can’t think of any artist other than him and Madonna that is worth it. Sitting in the VIP section isn’t really only about enjoying the moment with Mr. Mayer but also for safety reasons. I dread crowded places and I wouldn’t want to have a fainting episode during that event, putting my money to waste (even if it is a cheaper seat).

It has been two weeks and I haven’t heard from Channel V. I’ve been hearing that many have already claimed their tickets and that the queue at their office in Timog Avenue was way too long. My excitement and patience are waning and I’m starting to get paranoid. Why?

1) Only half of the stage is open for sale. The right side of the stage is probably for the celebrities, media and what have you. I might run out of seats if my reservation was not actually booked;

2) You can only get to choose your seat as soon as the tickets are ready for pick-up. Goodness! There are 400 platinum seats. My name is in the 2nd batch and the tickets have not arrived yet. Come on! They have decided to sell tickets at an early date and yet the tickets are not ready yet?!;

3) Hassle…Their office is only open from 10am-6pm Monday-Friday. How am i suppose to get there from Makati when I have an 8-5 job? It’s so much better to buy tickets thru Ticket World since they have a lot of ticketing offices which are usually open during weekends. Too bad, the pricey seats can only be bought at Channel V;

4) Do you like the idea of being passed around with no specific reservations officer to talk to? Not to mention…they don’t seem to have a master record of reservations….?

And the list goes on…

Now I’m having second thoughts about this concert…it’s giving me a lot of stress. Maybe it isn’t worth it? I’m torn…

Update as of April 20, 2010 >>> John Mayer’s Live in Manila Concert moved to October 1?!?!


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