World Class Persian Kebab



  • Persian / Mediterranean
  • Casual dining
  • Kebab


With one of its branches at Madison Square, Pioneer – Mandaluyong City, World Class Persian Kebab is somehow accessible from Makati, EDSA and Ortigas.

The Madison Square parking area used to be spacious but it’s currently being renovated. So if you plan dining in with your friends, just bring one car.


Colorful and brightly lit, the place appears to be inviting. Other than the air-conditioned dining hall, it has an al fresco dining area as well. With wooden dining tables and chairs, the entire restaurant is decorated with shisha / hookah (water pipes) placed in wall displays and colorful throw pillows.

I was expecting some  Mediterranean or instrumental music to set the mood but they were playing Taglish rap songs in the background instead.


  • Drinks = PhP30 and up
  • Side Orders = PhP10 and up
  • Main Course = less than PhP300


I have read a couple of good reviews about this place but I would say…it is only average to my taste. I was quite disappointed as I initially ordered for lamb chops but it was not available.

  • My friend ordered pita (PhP10) with hummus (forgot the price) as a starter. I’m really not into hummus so I can’t say much about the taste. There’s nothing great as well with the pita but it is thick and big enough for its price.
  • Special Cholo Kabab Meal (or Chelo Kebab) is a combination of beef kebab and beef tenderloin (PhP170). The plate includes long grain rice, beef kebab, beef tenderloin, grilled tomato and onion with butter on the side. The two kebab servings were well-proportioned with the amount of rice. However, I can’t taste the difference between the beef kebab from that of the beef tenderloin. To enjoy the meal, I topped every spoonful with grilled onion (sweet to the taste), butter and condiments. I didn’t like the garlic mayonnaise as it has this semi-sour taste which is obviously diluted with too much water. But I love the hot sauce with its flavorful spice to it…not being too spicy.

  • As I love vegetables, I ordered Mixed Salad (PhP45) to complement my kebab. Its price is just right with the serving size.  Freshly chopped, the salad contains an assortment of vegetables like tomatoes, onions, cucumber and lettuce with kalamansi (local lime).
  • We also ordered Beef Shawarma on Plate (PhP55). The beef doesn’t look inviting and so as the taste, compensating it with a big serving of vegetables.

  • The shakes were definitely cheap for PhP30 each. We tried melon shake which was milky to my palate while my friend ordered yoghurt shake. New Bombay‘s plain or flavored iced yoghurt is way much better….a must-try.


  • Polite and attentive waiter
  • Some items in the menu are not available
  • The food was served hot and fast

In summary, the value is just right for the taste and serving. I’m just kind of disappointed since some reviews were overrated. There’s nothing too special about this restaurant except for the price which is relatively cheap compared to other Persian / Mediterranean restaurants.

After experiencing World Class Persian Kebab, perhaps I could say that Prince Kebab and Mr. Kebab remain to be the strong contenders. It also reminded me of one of the best shawarma rice I have tried courtesy of Shawarma Food Channel. Ooooh! I just love those slightly burnt yet succulent beef meat (with fat) topped with tangy garlic mayonnaise dip. And of course, Anatolia’s Doner Shawarma with sweet potatoes in UP Los Banos, Laguna.


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