Sorry Doc…

I’m in a coffee shop right now thinking whether I’d proceed to the hospital for my check up. It isn’t a follow-up but to ask for a second opinion. I just wondered, should I tell the second doctor that I’m actually there to seek for a second opinion?

Just worried…I don’t want to insult him and his fellow practitioner.

Well for one, I must admit, I am a delinquent patient.

I had my annual medical check last July 2009 and the results showed that I have two 3mm kidney stones. I consulted a urologist by October of the same year and was diagnosed with uric acid stones. To be honest, I didn’t like the doctor because he doesn’t appear to have compassion and the lab tests he requested are at random. (I’m not being a know-it-all but I also do my research). He asked me to take several tests which all turned negative or normal (of course, I am thankful for that) and eventually diagnosed me with uric acid stones. He gave me a medication (sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda) to take for two months and see a nutritionist. Apparently, uric acid stones are recurring stones and I would have to watch my diet to avoid having them again and again and again.

I took the silly tablets and struggled to cope with the diet program for two months. I didn’t get a chance to go back to the doctor after which as the holidays were approaching. I procastinated in an attempt to be diligent in taking in the prescribed medication and diet program for at least two straight weeks. I wasn’t ready to see him.

To cut the long story short, my right kidney began to hurt recently. After six months (oh dear…typing that number shocked me. That was half a year!), I think it is about time to see a doctor but not him. I felt guilty and I don’t want to go through the same ordeal which led me to not following his recommendations.

I’m still contemplating…I don’t want to lie to my second doctor but I don’t have the time to bother about what the doctor would feel when my kidney is hurting. Sigh…

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