Army Navy’s Burgers + Burritos


I had my first taste of Army Navy @ Sky Garden, SM North EDSA. Out for a movie date, my friends and I were in a rush to grab something to eat. We stumbled upon Army Navy and ordered burger and soft tacos. The first experience was not memorable–meaning…I didn’t quite enjoy it.

I got a chance to try it again when I accidentally saw it on my way to Makati Medical Center. So here goes my review. Unfortunately, I don’t have a camera with me so I took some photos using my mobile phone instead.


  • Fast food / Casual Dining
  • Burger + Burrito



  • It reminded me of Yellow Cab
  • Industrial feel with cool signage and furniture
  • Crowded during peak hours


  • Burgers = PhP135-235
  • Burritos = PhP135-155
  • Soft Tacos = PhP125-145
  • Quesadillas = PhP85-135
  • Chicken = PhP135
  • Extras/Sides = PhP15-60
  • Drinks = PhP2799


  • Double Burger @ PhP185 > nothing special about the beef patty; quite soggy. I still prefer Brother’s Burgers or even Burger Machine =)
  • Steak Burrito @ PhP155 > nothing special as well; I don’t like beans in burritos; the meat isn’t tender
  • Tortilla Chips @ PhP35 with salsa @ PhP20 and guacamole @ PhPxx > all bland =(
  • Since they don’t have onion rings, we ordered Zucchini Sticks @ PhPxx > crispy & oily; the batter was too thick; you can’t almost taste the zucchini
  • Chocolate Milkshake @ PhP99 > according to my friend, it’s not worth it. mediocre shake…


  • They have a lot of crew with specific tasks but they seem to be in chaos; apparently, the kitchen is very visible from the counter
  • The queue was so long
  • Food takes a while to prepare…thus the complimentary peanuts (the likes of Sung-Song peanuts sold in Binondo) but nearly stale; even saw an irate customer complaining about the serving time (they must have forgotten his order)
  • They don’t provide utensils so better ask for it

My verdict…nothing great, too expensive and poor service.

Just odd, why would they advertise photos of a burrito wrapped in a foil. Not so appealing… very deceiving.


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