Vietnamese Home-Style Cooking @ Cu-Chi

On our way home, my friend and I were thinking what to have for dinner. As we pass by Malugay Street, I saw Cu-Chi‘s red and white signage hanging by the entrance of Makati Golf Club. We were almost near The Columns when I suddenly blurted the diner’s charming name and instantly told my friend that it is a Vietnamese restaurant. Intrigued, we made a u-turn and decided to try it out. 

RATING: 3/5 


  • Vietnamese
  • Casual dining
  • M-F 12-9pm / Sat 9am-6pm




  • Neat and cozy
  • Nice interior (love the lanterns and small picture frames with Vietnam sites)
  • When we got there, they were playing John Mayer, Dave Matthew’s Band and Regina Spektor music
  • We were the only customers then on a Friday night


  • Appetizers/Salad = PhP119-179
  • Dry Noodle Dishes = PhP129-220
  • Rice Meals = PhP139-179
  • A-la-carte = PhP229-309
  • Hot Noodle Soup = PhP209
  • Dessert = PhP29-79
  • Snacks = PhP109-149
  • House Special Brewed Iced Tea = PhP59


  • Goi Buoi Tom / Pomelo & Shrimp Salad @ PhP179 > The salad had ample serving of shrimps but there were more cucumber shreds than pomelo. I enjoyed the kropek twist to it but the dressing was quite salty to my taste.

pomelo & shrimp salad

  • Goi Cuon / Fresh Spring Rolls @ PhP119 > Bigger serving and tastes better than Pho Hoa’s. There’s this herb in it that I couldn’t identify….not sure though if it was wansoy or kinchay but I liked it. The vermicelli noodles were moist which kept the spring roll fresh and intact. I liked the way the spring rolls were sliced as it doesn’t get too messy when you start biting it. The peanut sauce was quite bland but it was okay since I’m not really into peanuts. Adding some hot sauce to it (as suggested by my friend) made it more scrumptious. That Nam Duong hot sauce really made a difference–not too spicy but tasty.

fresh spring rolls + Nam Duong hot sauce

  • Ga Kho Gung / Caramel Chicken Wings @ PhP149 with plain rice > I still prefer Pho Hoa’s. Cu-Chi’s version went better with plain rice as the sauce was too flavorful and spicy. With the usual chicken wing cut, I had difficulty eating it with the sauce. Perhaps it would be easier to eat it if the chicken wings were more tender or if it were in drumsticks.
  • I was planning to order a soda but the chef recommended their Iced Tea (which she personally brewed) @ PhP59 > I liked it as it tastes like mojito minus the alcohol.


  • As there were no other customers, the service was relatively fast
  • The chef was very accommodating; she offered us magazines and house tea while we wait; and she exertingly explained every dish she served to us

I’d probably go back but it isn’t something I’d crave for. Quite pricey in comparison to well-established Vietnamese restaurants but I’d understand as the rent (store space) can be very expensive in Makati. More than anything, I would like to support budding entrepreneurs and chefs so I’m posting this review. I know she can do better. =) Nevertheless, I came across another review about Cu-Chi which might be worth your read for a second opinion. 



As of April 29, 2010: The owner, Rica Robles, has replied to my review. Good thing, she appreciated it. 😀

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