Seeing mirage…

dalandan juice with basil

It’s painstakingly hot today! As I didn’t report for work due to an upset stomach, I can’t help but imagine myself in a relatively cooler place while sipping dalandan juice. šŸ˜¦

In my desperation, I rummaged my picture folders for any food photos. There it was, the Sonya’s Garden sub-folder. As I stared at the mist of the refreshingly cold dalandan juice, it may sound pathetic and unbelievable but the mere sight of it has somehow alleviated my despair.

A lot of people have reviewed, featured and praised Sonya’s Garden for its boutique bed and breakfast service. I’m not about to do that…I’ll just share with you what I’m seeing at the moment.

Pardon the quality of photos as I was still learning to use my digi-cam then. šŸ˜€ Nevertheless, may these photos help ease the heat, thirst, hunger, and craving you may have.

2 thoughts on “Seeing mirage…

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