From Simang to Kimmy Dora

Eugene Domingo, initially known as Simang in the telenovela Sa Dulong ng Walang Hanggan (2002), has finally got her big break starring the slapstick comedy film Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kiyeme (2009).

I just recently saw the film in DVD and very much enjoyed it. I had a lot of fond memories of which that still makes me smile–laugh!

The film may have a shallow plot but indeed there is a story. In its entirety, Domingo was able to showcase her comedic talents and antics. I bet some of which were her impromptu ideas but I must commend the writer, Chris Martinez, for coming up with the witty lines.

I and among other fans look forward to a sequel but according to its producers (Piolo Pascual, Bb. Joyce Bernal, etc.), there won’t be a part 2 but a part 3 instead. 😀


2 thoughts on “From Simang to Kimmy Dora

  1. I enjoyed that movie much…. Heheh, “”Manny, Manny, Manny! Yes it’s true, I am buying you out!” Looking forward to the sequel, and Here Comes the Bride.

    • there were a lot of funny lines but the scenes and facial expressions of Eugene really made me roar with laughter. 😀 i’d probably watch it again soon. a good cheer up alternative.

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