Rain + Venice Piazza + Sitti

Hallelujah! Finally, the dark clouds have brought rain to the humid streets of Makati.

With a lot of things to celebrate, my friend and I decided to see Sitti’s live performance at Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill. I haven’t got a clue as to where that place must be. After several turns around The Fort, we finally found our way to McKinley Hill as we savored the cool breeze.

Photo from: eastwoodmall. multiply.com

In its venetian-inspired theme, Venice Piazza sits among the corporate buildings such as HP and Accenture. The mall is relatively new with a few shops still being built. It showcases mostly restaurants (of varying cuisines) such as Kuse, My Thai, Old Vine and Tokyo Cafe. There are also fastfood chains such as KFC and McDonald’s. With its open air layout, most restaurants have al fresco dining areas. Other than these, Venice Piazza also offers a salon, a nail spa, coffee shops (minus Starbucks), and juice bars.

Since it rained, Sitti‘s live performance was moved indoors. It was already past eight but there were no seats yet as the waiters scurried–moved tables and chairs for their customers to enjoy live music while dining.

I’d probably go back to this place just to laze around and take pleasure of dining in an open space but…with utmost privacy. 🙂

*Too bad… Sab ran out of battery so I only managed to take a few photos

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