Impeded Monologue

On my way to work, I’d often pass by 7-11 to grab a drink. There is this old lady in shabby clothes who appears to be insane and would always stare at me as I take a swig of Mine Shine. Intrigued, I would often ask myself, “What is she thinking?”…”Does she know she’s crazy?”. With her every stare, I would attempt to stare back for a few minutes…trying to read her mind… As much as I want to approach her and get some answers, I’m just too scared…too scared to be mistaken for another young lady in business attire.

— 0 —

Finally, I was able to watch the 1981 Clash of the Titans. As much as I want to appreciate the plot which is somewhat different from that of the 2010 remake, I can’t help but laugh as early as the open credits. Of course, there’s nothing much to expect from the 1980s special effects when there’s a phony bird (eagle?) flying through the mountains where you can almost imagine a man holding an eagle cardboard attached to a stick. Not to mention, the Kraken resembled one of Shaider’s rivals as I imagine Puma Lay Ar shouting, “Release the Kraken!”.

— 0 —

photo from: filmofilia

If I wasn’t excited to see Robert Downey, Jr. again and curious about Scarlett Johansson‘s role, I would have dozed off while watching Iron Man 2. The film was too long and lacks focus in its attempt to introduce the characters while showcasing the ‘somehow’ star-studded cast.

— 0 —

At some point, most ‘ordinary’ people would want to see themselves in TV or their names in print. Others…like budding writers, would want to see their writings published…having to see their names with a byline. I don’t consider myself to be striking nor good in writing. I’m not a celebrity nor a writer material. In short, I consider myself as ordinary…but…I have:

  • Appeared in three TV commercials locally and abroad when I was still a kid up to my early teens
  • Interviewed for a feature article in a business newspaper insert
  • Written three blogs for my company’s global intranet site
  • Written  a feature article for a global charity newsletter
  • Asked to contribute a themed article on innovation for my company’s global newsletter

Most of which have my face and name on it. 😀

photo from: Platform Nation

Looking back, I just realized…I have accomplished all of which without even extending an effort nor asking for it. They may be simple for some people but these are truly among my personal achievements.

— o —

My heart is filled with so much hatred and disappointment. I can only think of forgiving these people as an option to ease my pain. As I move on, I wonder…should I leave a farewell message? Do they deserve it? As I ponder, probably I should. My conduct and high regard for ethics urge me to do so but I’ll leave a message as simple (somewhat generic) and fitting for those a few. Admittedly blunt, I may have a hard time drafting this so I should probably start…That is right after I play another round of game where the funny zombies and mutated plants await. 😀

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