Paranoid…Is there an earthquake coming?

Yesterday (May 4, 2010), my friend and I felt a light earthquake. Upon checking, there were no earthquakes recorded in the Philippines since April 30, 2010 in Panay.

Hyatt Hotel, Baguio City earthquake last July 16, 1990 photo from:

Just a while ago while I was busy playing Plants vs. Zombies, it’s as if the game came to life. Only this time they were not zombies but around 10-15 cockroaches simultaneously attacking me in the living room (most of them were even flying!). Armed with two slippers and an insecticide, I was able to kill around eight of them. Whew!

Exhausted, I went back to my online game when after a few minutes the lights began to flicker. After a while, there was a sudden power outage. It creeped me as I try to find a candle. The agony was even worse knowing that there were still a few cockroaches around me ready to attack in the dark.

Strange isn’t it? I have a bad feeling about this. Are these signs of an upcoming earthquake?

Now I’m starting to pack my long-delayed ‘go bag’. Maybe you should too…


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