When disaster strikes, are you ready?

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It was not so long ago when the Philippines was hit by two tropical storms, Ketsana & Parma, last 2009. These storms have brought some regions in Luzon in a state of calamity. Looking back, I wasn’t prepared then and until now I haven’t been ready when I know a disaster would eventually strike. During that time, a friend has forwarded to me the link to 72hours.org. This website contains helpful information on disaster preparation.

I’ve been procastinating on packing my go-bag. It didn’t occur (again) to me until last night’s attack of flying cockroaches which made me go nuts as these are tell-tale signs of an upcoming earthquake.

photo from: 72hours.org

So, what should be in your go-bag?

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One thought on “When disaster strikes, are you ready?

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