2010 Election (Philippines): Popular PCOS Machines

As I was disenfranchised by COMELEC, I had nothing else to do at home but watch the news. 😦

This is the first time for the Philippines to experience an automated election. As expected, the election process was such a pain in the @$$ according to many voters. And the culprit, Smartmatic‘s PCOS Machines (include COMELEC on that for making lousy decisions).

  1. As there were only few machines, people were cramped in clustered precincts.
  2. As many were irritated with the process, long queue and heat, most voters went home and we’re not able to vote
  3. Overworked, some PCOS machines jammed and even overheated
  4. etc…etc…etc…it’s a domino effect

I have so much more to say but just too tired to whine about this situation. I just feel so hopeless and helpless. These issues are so deeply rooted, you won’t even know where to begin. I just really hope that the elected President will do something about this.

On a lighter note, these PCOS Machines are gaining its popularity in Twitter. After experiencing that agony, Filipinos remain to have a happy disposition. Sigh….

  1. RT @mitsolis: @PCOSmachine u need a love team 2 make it in showbiz.who r ur top choices? – Im really attracted to d huge flatscreen of ANC. 1 minute ago via Echofon
  2. RT @theasweetcheeks @PCOSmachine paano yahoo? 🙂 look you’re here! http://bit.ly/aVlfWB – my showbiz dreams are fast becoming reality.ü 5 minutes ago via Twittelator

  3. RT @ovrCOOKdBnanas @PCOSMachine How do you find time to tweet at a time like this? – my work is done na. On standby nalang kami. 8 minutes ago via Twittelator

  4. RT @virgil_md @PCOSmachine what does PCOS mean? – dude, google is your friend. 13 minutes ago via Twittelator

  5. RT @Wikedwitz @PCOSmachine what will u have for dinner?- Mr. Kebab daw sabi ni boss Cesar. After elections mag e-Elbert’s SteakRoom daw kmiü 16 minutes ago via Twittelator

  6. RT @blistersun @PCOSmachine What do u say about your alias as ‘Hokus PCOS’? – Who said that? Mabawasan nga votes. Magic pala ha 19 minutes ago via Twittelator

  7. RT @CATTSKI GMANews: http://bit.ly/drxjgQ @PCOSmachine, gaining popularity eh? – thanks , happy to be of service 2 d Filipino people.ü 22 minutes ago via Twittelator

  8. RT @kenshinroxanne: “@PCOSmachine Why color black?” – It makes me look thin. You should try it. 29 minutes ago via Echofon

  9. RT @ennailain: “@PCOSmachine ano na gagawin mo bukas?” – depende kay boss cesar. I don’t think d company outing will push thru this weekend 30 minutes ago via Echofon

  10. RT @vanesssuh: “so after today’s #halalan, busog na busog ka na ba? :)” – Yes, but I still want to try isaw and sisig. Heard so much abt it. 34 minutes ago via Echofon

  11. “PCOSMACHINE FOR PRESIDENT!! ” /via @neusdadt – tnx, but im not a natural born Filipino. I do not have political ambitions. Showbiz lang. 43 minutes ago via Tweetie

  12. “@PCOSmachine, do you have other talents? Besides jamming and counting ballots?” /via @ohblackstars – I moonlight as a trashcan wen im broke about 1 hour ago via Tweetie

  13. “@PCOSmachine so do u think u were worth the amount we paid for you, or were we shortchanged?” /via @mitsolis – I’d like 2 think im worth it about 1 hour ago via Tweetie

  14. Smartmatic-TIM PCOS PCOSmachine

    “@PCOSmachine if u are not a machine, who will u vote for president and why?” /via @kingofthefranks – Gordon. Transformer. Duh. 4 minutes ago via Tweetie Retweeted by you and 37 others


2 thoughts on “2010 Election (Philippines): Popular PCOS Machines

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