What’s with the ‘other’ PCOS?

Makati Medical Center's Ultrasound Delivery Room

Ever wonder what PCOS means?

Through yesterday’s event, the 1st automated election in the Philippines, the PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machines have gained so much popularity among voters and @PCOSmachine Twitter fanatics.

Today is a different story and another discovery. I’ve got PCOS? Not the machine but Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Am I bothered? A bit…not because of infertility but of cancer, diabetes, cardiac arrest, stroke, and among other ugly transformations such as excessive hair growth (fortunately, I don’t have that much hair), weight gain (which I’ve been trying to normalize for the past decade) and skin discolorations.

watching Coralyne while waiting at Makati Medical Center’s cozy lounge chairs

I haven’t told my family yet as I plan to ask (again) for a 2nd opinion and perhaps, I’ll break the news on my birthday. They should know as PCOS appears to be hereditary and most probably, I got it from my grandmother, who died of cancer of the uterus.

Oh well, another pooh adventure of laboratory tests and excessive radiation exposure at my favorite playground–Makati Medical Center…(sigh)

Jacob 'Barbie' doll at Makati Medical Center's gift shop

at Figaro while waiting for my ultrasound appointment

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