curious about…whirlpools

I’m scared of whirlpools though I haven’t seen or encountered one. I wonder…How does it happen? Has it killed someone? What’s the biggest whirlpool ever recorded? Hmmm…

  • According to Wikipedia, whirlpools are brought about by ocean tides. Those that has downdrafts are called vortex while the strong ones are called maelstroms.
  • Whirpools can be found in narrow shallow waters with fast clashing currents.
  • Upon researching, whirlpools can drown swimmers and capsize a boat. I saw one article about Algarve whirlpools (Portugal) where it has claimed three lives last 2007. Read here… A ferry with 500 passengers capsized in the rivers of Bangladesh last 2003. Read here

Whirpools of the World:

Saltstraumen - Bodo, Norway @ 37km/h >>>Photo from

Moskstraumen - Lofoten Islands, Norway@ 27.8km/h >>>Photo from Wikipedia

Old Sow - Maine, United States @ 27.6km/h >>>Photo from

Naruto Whirlpools – Japan @ 20km/h

Corryvreckan - Scotland @ 18km/h >>>Photo from

Niagara Whirlpool >>>Photo from

Now, how do you survive a whirlpool? I can’t find a credible answer online but my instinct (with a bit of memory learned in physics) tells me to paddle and kick hard. Go with the flow or direction and use it as a force to swim diagonally outside the vortex…that is if you know how to swim and you don’t get dizzy.


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