Are men more thoughtful than women?

I can’t help but wonder whether men are more thoughtful than women.

I’m about to turn a year older in just about eight hours from now and I’ve been receiving a lot of early greetings from men! Coincidence? I don’t think so since only 25% of my friends in Facebook are men and most of them are even gay.

The first guy who greeted me was my 2nd cousin whom I’ve only met after so many years since I was 12. The next one was my 2nd cousin as well. I haven’t really talked to him nor had any social interactions with him thru Facebook. the third guy was my uncle from my estranged father’s side whom I haven’t seen since I was 10 or so. Lastly, the fourth guy was my former officemate/boss. I haven’t seen him for almost two years now but I bumped in to him a week ago.

So how come these guys were the first to remember when I haven’t had any strong relationships with them and I haven’t seen them recently? I tried to search for any info or statistics about this but couldn’t find one. Most probably men are just spontaneous and would immediately blurt out their thoughts before it slip their minds.

This idea kept playing in my head when another idea came and I just realized perhaps those people who are close to you and who cares about you won’t just greet you thru SMS, Facebook, or any other social networking sites. They will greet you personally or thru a phone call and will greet you at the right moment…when you least expect it. Really???

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