The quest for the most expensive drug

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Metformin is known to be an anti-diabetic drug but my doctor prescribed this to cure my PCOS. Other than cancer, diabetes is a rich man’s disease so I assumed Metformin is an expensive drug. I already have an idea of the price since my mom and her partner are taking the same meds [also of different brands and prices]. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to ask the specific brand names.

Since my doctor did not suggest any specific brand, I initially went to The Generics Pharmacy to purchase the drug. The pharmacist told me that one 500mg Diamet [Health Saver Pharma] tablet costs PhP1.70. Wow! Ain’t that cheap!  I trust that The Generics Pharmacy is a decent pharmacy so I did not hesitate and took the drugs. Heard it’s owned by Mar Roxas.

But a friend who works in a well-known and high-end pharma company suggested to take other brands [not deliberately recommending her’s :-D] since she haven’t heard of the pharma company and it’s way too cheap considering the cost of the foil package, etc. She told me to purchase something with the range of PhP15-20 each as there are many substandard drugs in the market. I tried to search the pharma company in the Internet but didn’t find any Philippine office. Hmmm….

Point taken. I realized it was indeed way too cheap and I wasn’t feeling any of the side effects the doctor [coupled with my research] said would likely occur like weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, etc. But after taking Diamet for two weeks, surprisingly…I had my period at the expected date. Could it be that it’s genuine or just a coincidence?

Entering my third week of medication, I have decided to take another brand. This time I bought it from Mercury Drug and I asked the pharmacist of the different brands and prices. Well, their cheapest started from PhP3.00+ [RiteMed a.k.a Unilab] to PhP6.60 [LRI’s Glumet] to PhP11.00+ [forgot the brand]. I asked the pharmacist, “Is it really that cheap?” She looked at me with a startled look and smiled. Confused, I chose LRI’s Glumet which comes in a better foil package. Haven’t heard of LRI either and I couldn’t find its website but I came across this doctor’s blog which mentioned the same cheap brand. Guess, it’s safe then.

Oh well, will take the drugs for a month then and check for the side effects and watch out for my red day. If it still feels phony, I’d probably ask the doctor then of her recommendation or continue my quest for the most expensive Metformin drug. Sigh…


2 thoughts on “The quest for the most expensive drug

  1. Waw this is important information!
    I am sorry that you have to be on medication Jen 😦
    But you are so nice to share your own experience on the web.
    You are a wonderful person Jen.
    Have a great day.

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