Hot to the taste: [AUM] New Bombay

New Bombay @ Salcedo Village

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It was a hot Sunday morning when I started salivating for vegetable samosa and ube [taro] lassi. So I went off to [AUM] New Bombay-Salcedo to satisfy my craving.

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve been to New Bombay and it was nice to see the restaurant expand with new furnishings.

I’m not an Indian food fanatic….the liking was more of an acquired taste. But other than the craving, last Sunday was another pooh adventure –to test my taste buds for new exciting flavors and spice tolerance. With just a few clicks away, I researched for Indian food terms to help me explore New Bombay‘s menu. Just the same, I’m no Indian food guru but this might help those who would like to experience the ‘spicey’ cuisine.

vegetable samosa

Soups, Breads & Appetizers

  • samosa = stuffed pastry snack commonly served as an appetizer. It can be stuffed with vegetables or meat with an assortment of potatoes, lentils, coriander, etc. The triangular fried or baked pastry comes with tamarind or mango chutney [curd] as its dip.
  • pakora = fried snack or fritter. It may be cheese, onion or other sorts of vegetables.
  • pappadum or papad = cracker-like flatbread that can be eaten as an appetizer or eaten with other toppings or the main dish itself.
  • shorba = either vegetable or meat soup
  • chapati = also known as roti is an unleavened flat bread
  • naan = leavened flat bread
  • paratha =an unleavened flat bread which is made of layers of flour

Mutton Rogan Josh

Rice & Main Dishes

  • kebab = skewered meat and vegetables cooked over flame
  • tandoori = vegetable or meat cooked in tandoor [clay oven]. Common dish would be chicken tandoori.
  • paneer = ideal for vegetarians, it is an acid-set farm cheese that makes a good source of protein.
  • mutton = goat or lamb meat
  • lentils = also known as masoor, it is a legume. Commonly included in most Indian dishes
  • dosa = fried crepe
  • biryani = rice-based dish with meat, egg or vegetables either fried or roasted
  • raita = yogurt-based condiment or dip
  • tikka = cutlets of meat and vegetables
  • masala =pasty dish of a mixture of spices
  • dal = stew made of lentils, peas and beans

Fish Tawa Masala with Chapati & Naan

sweet lassi”]

ube sweet lassi

Desserts & Drinks:

  • gulab jamun = a popular wedding treat, it is a s sweet dessert made of dough with milk and rosewater or saffron
  • kheer = sweet dessert made of boiled glutinous rice with milk topped with raisins, nuts, etc. similar to a porridge.
  • halva = dense sweet confections either flavored with vegetables or nuts with honey
  • kulfe = Indian ice cream
  • lassi = yogurt-based drink which helps put off the spice. It may be plain, sweet or flavored with fruits such as mango, pandan, strawberry, ube and the like.

[AUM] New Bombay Branches:

  1. Salcedo Village, Makati City
  2. The Columns – Makati
  3. Glorietta 3 – Makati
  4. The Podium – Ortigas

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