curious about…mangosteen

It’s that time of the season again when seasonal fruits such as mangosteen reign the market.

My friend and I were discussing about how thick the mangosteen rind is…even a hungry worm can’t penetrate its 1cm shell. Just like any other tropical exotic fruits such as lanzones & rambutan, peeling mangosteens is such a tedious process. It’s either you hurt your fingers or end up with purplish-dyed fingers.

Some people may have a hard time figuring out whether the fruit is ripe enough…simply sweet minus the sour-citrusy taste. A ripe mangosteen should be free of bumps and cracks. If the stalk & crown have been removed then it’s inevitably rotten. Another trick would be slightly pressing the shell. If it’s too hard, then it’s rotten.

As we munch on the velvety fruit, my friend and I started debating on how the fruit looked like up in a tree. She said, “Obviously in bunches”. I laughed and told her, “They hang solo just like any other fruit. Those bunches were just tied up by the sellers.”

mangosteen in from

And the debate turned into a bet. 😀 Sweet!

mangosteen gone from

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