I hate mascots but this one’s definitely cool…

Like any other kid, I celebrated my 7th birthday at Jollibee. And just like any kid’s party, there should be a mascot. [I prefer this than clowns]

But my experience with the Jollibee mascot wasn’t so pleasant. It was humiliating….

While I and the other kids were dancing at the dance floor, suddenly…the mascot came out. Everyone was really excited and were jumping. As the mascot approached me, he began dancing wildly. Twirling around and blag!!! The effing mascot hit me with his big striped butt and I landed face down on the floor.

So parents, please…don’t let Jollibee dance with the rest of the kids. Let him do his effing dance moves alone…just like this:

Jollibee shows his cool moves while repeatedly batting his eyes!

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