Where my eyes take me…

When I feel tired and start day-dreaming about vacation, I browse pictures from the places I’ve been to. It may sound pathetic but it makes me sane, even for a while… 😀

So join me as I explore my hard drive…

1. Victoria Peak – Hong Kong > It was the family’s first out-of-the-country trip. I can still remember how I truly enjoyed the cool breeze of Hong Kong in November.

2. Underground River – Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan > It has been Party of 6’s tradition to celebrate two of our friends’ birthday out-of-town. Though two of the six were missing, my friends & I had a blast on our 1st trip to Palawan. Though the two-hour bumpy drive and an hour boat ride [x2 as it’s back & forth] to the underground river was stressful.

3. Sibul Springs – Abucay, Bataan > It was a Good Friday when I joined my friend’s family outing. I took this photo with my knees bent on the ground one fine morning….love morning walks in strange places.

4. Marikina > After the onslaught of typhoon Ondoy or Ketsana last September 2009, I had to organize a charity campaign in my previous company. One of which was the school caravan where we donated library books, school bags, school supplies, & computers to 2,000 students in four elementary schools in Marikina. Helping indeed is a heart-warming experience.

5. Singapore > It was a company-sponsored trip…for an induction and year-end party. Singapore is a neat place but I so hate the weather…way too humid!

6. Jonah’s Fruit Shakes – Boracay, Aklan > The famous shake in Boracay! It’s just one of the places where you’ll end up meeting someone you know from the city. Too bad they’re no longer at the beach front.

7. Intramuros, Manila > Indeed, the walled city. I had an opportunity to have a close look at it and even had a quick bite at a small eatery situated at the walls of Intramuros. This photo was taken during a job fair in Mapua Institute of Technology [MIT].

8. Honda Bay – Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan > I love snorkeling but I chickened out when I saw this wall of fish.

9. Hidden Valley Springs – Calauan, Laguna > Yes, it is hidden and going to this place at night is way too scary. Quite pricey but the privacy is worth the price. Love the place and looking forward to another night swimming.

10. Boracay fire dancers > There’s always a first time. And watching it for the fist time is really [literally] hot and fun.

11. cream chow-chow in Tiendesitas Pet Village, Pasig > Isn’t he adorable? Another first…to see a rare color of this furry breed.

12. Corregidor – Bataan > Imagine how many lost souls linger in this Island Fortress.

13. Cali Calamansi > Cali is my long-dead plant. During her lifetime, I decided not to pick any of her fruits that’s why they were all yellow. 😀

14. Boracay 2008 > The first time I’ve ever been to this famous beach….and the first wasn’t so fun due to some Party of 6 misunderstanding. Hehe! But the bad experience didn’t discourage us from coming back…and it has been a yearly thing…a tradition.

15. Boracay honeymooners, backpackers, usual tourists > Watching people is one of my favorite Boracay past times.

16. Aoki Clubhouse – Gen. Trias, Cavite > I usually dine in this place whenever I’m on a business trip. With its zen ambiance, one would mistake this place as Japan.

17. Alabang Village, Muntinlupa > The weirdest & most eclectic house I’ve ever seen…only in Alabang.

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