Recent learnings

I learned…

…that my dad’s friend has a stage 3 lymphoma when it was not so long ago when we also visited another friend, who’s mom has breast cancer. Since when did cancer become a common disease?!
…the reason why I’m having a hard time coping–adjusting. And I am happy to end it.
…that it’s not all about position and money. It’s about being happy–maintaining the balance, respect for one’s self, and sanity…

photo from ezthemes

…that watching Inception would lead me to drool over Leonardo Dicaprio but only during his Romeo+Juliet days.

photo from extramirchi

…that some reviews are overrated. M. Night’s The Last Airbender wasn’t so bad after all. Perhaps for those who haven’t seen the cartoon series would not appreciate it but it wasn’t really bad compared to Lady in the Water.

…that a python snake has ribs

photo from

…that there’s a fish which has a set of human-like teeth [Pacu fish]

…how frustrating it is to eat a possibly day-old viand from the mall foodcourt.
…that Dominic Ochoa’s Thumbs Up mini ice cream can really be tasty & fun to eat. Love the dark chocolate & avocado flavors. Though a fad, it’s good to know that small businesses like this could thrive in this challenging economy.

photo from tsibog

…that worrying about the next thing to do or place to go could be fun at times. Doing things unplanned can be sometimes very exciting…

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