Minutes of the Meeting

Agenda: Blah…blah…blah…

Most people hate meetings. Why?

1. These are time robbers. Don’t you just hate it when you have a series of meetings and you’ve got no time to grab a bite or take a leak? How are you supposed to do your job when you have multiple meetings in 1 day and that meeting would end up adding another action point or task to your to-do list?

2. You’ll hate it if you will chair the meeting unless you’re the ambitious type and perceive this as your shining moment.

3. Isn’t it annoying when there’s no structured agenda and when people just talk about BS and gossips?!

4. When the meeting is in preparation for another meeting.

5. When the meeting is more than 2 hours with no snacks… worse… a lunch meeting with no food budget…

6. Most presentations are way too boring or text heavy… with outrageous images, font sizes and colors.

7. The line is too choppy for a conference call.

8. When people can’t pronounce your name correctly and will use your business unit or country to address you.

And the list goes on…. But I enjoy meetings at times…

1. Not really the gossip but the inside scoop… there are some things that you’d be happy and dreadful to know… well at least, you’re one of the firsts to know

2. To observe people’s  behavior; the eager type, not-so-interested, the know-it-all, the interpreters interrupter, the minutes taker, etc.

3. I’m amazed with how people talk. The words they use like interesting, no problem, noted… and the funniest of them all…  not anymore


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