curious about…call center agents

DISCLAIMER: I’m just curious, I observe, and I happen to have an opinion… I’ve been in the same industry six years ago and lasted for two weeks. Guess I’m not really up for it. What’s with the culture?

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1. Why do most of them smoke?

And often times they don’t throw their cigarette butts in the trash bin when it’s just in front of them.

2. Why do they talk so loud?

And often times they talk about their salary and someone else’s salary… and among other tactless conversations.

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3. Why are there so many homosexuals?

And often times I couldn’t recognize one gender from the other as they dress up for real.

4. Why are they oozing with so much confidence?

When at times they couldn’t give you concrete answers during an interview; they respond to you like they’re still in a call. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would interrupt me with the line… “But wait, there’s more!”

While researching and posting for this entry, I stumbled upon this blog: Buhay Call Center which will probably help answer most of my curiosities.

4 thoughts on “curious about…call center agents

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  2. tnx for visiting my blog!!!

    Well, about your questions…

    1. I don’t smoke but I heard that smoking is a great stress-reliever (in an unhealthy way). It helps you stay awake during the graveyard shift.

    2. Talking about our salary compared to other people’s salaries is fun because that’s the only thing worth mentioning about working in a call center. Hehehe.

    3. Well, there are lots of homosexuals everywhere. Everywhere!

    4. If talking with people 8 hours a day, 5 days a week won’t make you confident, I don’t know what will!


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