The year that was – 2010

Happy 2011 everyone!

I miss doing this… and it has been more than 2 months now since my last entry. I never imagined that I’d sustain and maintain this site for almost a year. And for almost a year, unexpectedly, I’ve exceeded 5,000 visits.

Some interesting stats from my dashboard:

First of, I would like to thank the following sites who have been good referrers to my site….

Top Referrers

  1. Facebook
  3. WordPress Dashboard

I never thought these entries would be such a big hit…

Top Posts

  1. Going nostalgic: Tabing Ilog > I’m not a lone fan of this not-so-long-forgotten teen tv series after all.
  2. Blending with Bolinao > I’d assume I gave a good review about this humble town, thus, the many visits to this entry.
  3. World Class Persian Kebab > A food review which may be contrary to many
  4. Backpacking in Bolinao
  5. There is no such thing as “No Return, No Exchange” policy > A good piece of information for the naive like me.
  6. separated @ birth: Josh Hartnett + Atom Araullo > So who among them is more famous?
  7. What’s in Abucay, Bataan? > I had a hard time researching about this place and perhaps this has provided the most relevant information among the others… hmmm….
  8. Army Navy’s Burgers + Burritos > Yet another negative food review… still publicity
  9. Good Friday in Abucay
  10. A taste of Syd’s Kitchen > Finally, a positive food review made it to the list. Perhaps one of the few reviews about Syd’s Kitchen… I hope their food business is doing good though 😀

You’d be surprise with what most people key-in in your search field…

Top Searches

  1. tabing ilog cast
  2. pacu fish > So this fish really is controversial, huh? It comes as the 7th image in Google 🙂
  3. atom araullo > so he has many fans, huh?
  4. jodi sta maria > one of tabing ilog casts
  5. bruno mars filipino > yes, he is!
  6. james badge dale
  7. josh hartnett
  8. pasukulan falls
  9. world class persian kebab
  10. sibul spring abucay bataan

These links must have sky-rocketting hits as well 😀

Top Links


So that concludes my 2010 stats. Looking forward to another year of blogging. Cheers!


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