Baguio in January: It Kissed My Blues Away [part 1]

This last-minute Baguio trip was my first unprepared trip. I had to pack my clothes on the same day right after work! And I still need to finish a report that needs to be sent out the following morning! I was cramming but it was all worth it… and I’m longing the cold[er] breeze for days now.

The ride wasn’t comfortable. Sitting in a van with no headrest for 6 hours was no joke. I couldn’t lean as well as we were too cramped. Anyway, I just amused myself with the dark view [as we left Manila at 1 in the morning] while listening to my iPod. Eventually, I dozed off with my head occasionally banging the window.

morning full moon

Via Kennon Road, we arrived Baguio at about 7am. I was welcomed with the cold but slightly polluted breeze. Now where’s that pine scent?!?!

Kennon Road - Manila bound

We checked-in at the Garden Villa Apartments of Green Valley Village and immediately left to find an internet connection. Unfortunately, my Globe Tattoo has no signal so we headed off to SM Baguio. Fortunately, Starbucks was open at 9am with free Wi-Fi. Yipee!

Green Valley Hotel & Resort

Garden Villa Apartments

It was my first at SM Baguio and I’m impressed! With its wide open hallways, al fresco restaurants and coffee shops, I can stay here all day! I’d probably just have coffee [and yes, still cold coffee] and sit sloppily along the hallways while enjoying the icy breeze, the view of Burnham Park and of the tiered houses from the mountain tops. What a lazy day to spend…

By noon, we headed off to Lourdes Grotto to meet the rest of the folks for lunch. We were first to arrive there so I looked around the souvenir shops which mostly offered knitted garments. As I forgot to bring my neck warmers, I indulged myself to buy one. One brown, then pink, then black. They are much cheaper, around Php40-50 each compared to those sold at the Baguio Public Market which cost Php150 each!

There are a lot of cool hats as well… from berets, bonnets, and animal-shaped hats [for kids]. But hats are not my thing… because they don’t look good on me. See?!?!

I look like a "grow up" mushroom from the Super Mario Brothers

To be continued…


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