3rd visit to Bohol – day 3

It was a beautiful morning the following day. I was looking forward to the shores of Dumaluan Beach Resort.

While having an early morning stretch, I took photos of the surroundings of Alona Studios.

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We took a tricycle ride from Alona Studios to Dumaluan Beach Resort for a fare of Php150.

It was Sunday noon when we reached the resort. The place was crowded mostly filled with locals having a picnic with their friends and families.

We had our lunch at DBR Grill — the lone and the cheapest diner at this side of the island.

DBR Grill's fruit shakes is a must try -- not too sweet... just the right price

I took the liberty of taking a nap by the beach after a hearty lunch of grilled pork belly. I forgot to take a photo of which as I was too hungry.

The view was relaxing… I could easily fall asleep.


But the water was too tempting so I slipped into my swim suit and went snorkeling… To be continued 🙂


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