12,000 hits in 12 months…

…that is the goal.

This blogging thing really amazed me. I never thought I’d be able to maintain this site for almost a year.

What a year!

And this year, I feel like I’m getting my life back — more time to rest, plan to travel, and of course share the experience by blogging.

And so…if I reach this goal, I’m giving away some of my treasures. It may not be pricey but a little something to share to my seasonal/occasional readers and blog buddies… hehe! 🙂


The chosen one will receive a message from me and have them choose the item. Items to be posted soon. Shipping on me. 🙂

Tick-tock-tick-tock to March 19, 2011!

*If I fail, so what? 🙂 I’m just inspired by the movie Julie & Julia. Haha!

What you’ve just read was a draft entry I made last February 24, 2011. At first, I hesitated to publish it since I haven’t got a chance to take photos of the would-be tokens. But more than anything, it was the fear of not hitting the 12,000 mark. But it did!!! 😀

Looking forward to open my treasure chest. Thanks everyone!


2 thoughts on “12,000 hits in 12 months…

  1. Jen, congratulation! it is been a while since I’ve visited you and I was impressed how beautiful creative and entertaining your blog is becoming.
    I love it!
    keep up the good job and keep entertaining us and the blogsphere:)

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