Best Gifts

Most often, people find it difficult to find the best gift they could give to their friends and loved ones. I too have a had a share of this experience. I usually have a hard time thinking of something that I haven’t given them or anything that they can’t easily find nor afford.

It’s been three weeks now and I’ve been wanting to share the top three birthday presents I have received last month. These items may not be pricey nor unusual, but the stories behind it made it all priceless and unique.

1. Something I can afford, but not keen on buying: Havaianas flip-flops.

My circle of friends doesn’t usually give gifts to each other except during Christmas so I wasn’t expecting LAD would give me a gift. It just so happens that her officemate was selling a few last pieces and broken sizes of Havaianas slippers for a fraction of the original price. She figured it was a good deal and remembered I don’t own a pair. It was a blessing in disguise since I find it impractical to spend much for a pair of slippers.

2. Something poetic and funny (bordering to corny πŸ˜€ ): world pendant necklace

Anna (who happens to own an online costume jewelry shop, Love Spell Jewels), usually gives me free jewelry items. This time she gave me this lovely brass necklace with a world pendant. She handed it over to me and said, “I’m giving the world to you, Jen!” She’s the sweetest! Need I say more? πŸ™‚

3. Something I asked as a favor and something I couldn’t have in the next one year or even five years! 14 bills of different currencies.

I’ve been collecting keychains from all over the Philippines and the world. It’s either I buy it or it’s given to me as a present from friends and work colleagues. Later on I figured I wanted something different, something of value. Since my sister is a flight attendant, I asked her if she could keep some small bills of different currencies from her travels. I never thought she would take it seriously until she handed me an envelope with 14 bills of different currencies. I was so touched just thinking she remembered my simple request every time she’s on a flight. Awww…

So that concludes my top three best gifts. More than the gifts and the stories behind it, it’s the people that makes these all special.


10 thoughts on “Best Gifts

  1. I agree with mirellamccracken, a smart post — very original. And like Kristine, I am a true-blue Havaianatico. I invest in quality and pretty flip-flops because Ilocos is too laid-back, sort-of LA, and I wouldn’t wear dressy shoes on the streets, or I’ll look like an alien. I’m loving the 100% recyclable Ipanema, too.

    The world necklace is cool. In the Year of the Tiger, I read it is a symbol for luck depending on the year you were born. Wishing you all the best in life, Jen.

    • Thanks!
      Yeah, if only I live by the beach or somewhere urban, I’d probably wear slippers all my life. Unfortunately, my work requires me to spend my money on stilettos.

      Speaking of luck, as of writing this comment, something great just happened. I think I can now guiltlessly buy a pair of Crocs this time πŸ˜€

      Happy weekend!

  2. Hi *the first time I see your blog*
    it’s awsome, I loved your posts ❀

    back to this original post,
    yeah, chosen gifts kinda hard

    the necklace are so emotional ❀
    the gifts are unique =)


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