15 Ways To Have More Fun In 2015 (In The Philippines)

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A taste of Syd’s Kitchen

I had a wonderful Sunday last week with the company of my boss, her girlfriend, and her girlfriend’s cousins at Syd’s Kitchen. It was past 12 noon and we were all hungry while waiting for my boss’ girlfriend finish her yoga class at EDSA Shangrila. We all haven’t tried Syd’s Kitchen but our officemate has been promoting her brother’s new restaurant so we headed our way to Banawe, Quezon City to explore the Chinese fusion diner. Well, our long wait and drive was all worth it. Great food for the right price!

A simple broth of pork ribs warmed our growling stomachs.

pork ribs with mushroom soup > P150

The shrimp hakaw [4pcs > P90] was really good with ample shrimps in it, served hot and fresh.

I’m not a fan of meatballs but having these meatballs on sticks laid on a chopping board was irresistible [9pcs > P120]. With the right  concoction of sweet and sour sauce, I’m surprised to have eaten 5 pieces of which.

salted fish fried rice > P250

We ordered 2 kinds of fried rice but I liked the salted fish fried rice as I could recognize the taste of salted fish, not too salty… just the right kick to flavor the fried rice. The other one was yang chow fried rice but I didn’t enjoy it that much as I don’t eat chorizo.

Syd’s Original Chick! [6 pcs] > P300

Fresh Lumpia > P95

Ma Po Tofu Stacks > P130

Chopsuey > Pxx

Watermelon shake > P80

The best part of the meal was the desserts… just superb!

green tea in a pot > P60; green tea cheesecake > P120

Just the same, I’m not into cheesecakes but Syd’s green tea cheesecake was the best I’ve ever had. The flavor wasn’t strong, just a hint of green tea. Served in a bowl all covered with cream, cinnamon [which I don’t fancy as well] and mango puree, the tea jelly didn’t seem appetizing but it was so good!!! It was a simple dessert [not too sweet nor flavorful] to clear your palate.

almond cream with tea jelly > P95

Coming Soon >>> Al Gore: Live in Manila

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Al Gore‘s posters are everywhere at SM Megamall but I only noticed it today. Excited to see him, I checked out SM Supermall’s website to see the details of his speaking engagement in Manila.

With Ticketnet‘s logo in the ad, I assume there must be a fee but I did not expect it to be this expensive especially the Platinum & Gold seats (concert?!)!

Seat Location Price
Platinum (Reserved Seating) 15840
Gold (Reserved Seating) 10560
Silver (Reserved Seating) 5280
Bronze (Reserved Seating) 1056

Oh well, SMX Convention Center is a decent place and I assume the would-be crowd as well. Hmmm…???