Dressed Alike

My sister posted some of our old family pictures taken back in the 80s and 90s in her Facebook account. Though embarassed, every photo reminded me of my childhood.

But one thing’s in common…my mom dressed us all alike most of the time! See for yourself! 🙂

L: our nanny with my brother, my mom with me, and my grandma with my sister; R: with grandpa

Aren’t those denim jumpers with a bear patch cute?! What about those green and white PE uniforms? Obviously, we were enrolled in the same school. 😀

I couldn’t remember which cartoon character that was on me and my sister’s shirt… perhaps Voltron? Laced socks and dolfin shorts were a hit back in the 80s.

Same nursery uniforms in pastel colors partnered with white sandals. And those striped two-piece bikinis were one of my favorites.

In pink pajamas, Filipiniana costume, and summer jumpsuits with pearls. My mom is really into fashion. 😀

We’re not twins yet my mom is really fond of dressing us up like one.

As you grow older, you try to have some identification–individuality…but still…it looks all the same. 🙂


When your mom starts using Facebook…

She did and I was dreading it, hehehe! Goodbye privacy!  Hello paranoia! I hope she doesn’t start putting up her own blog….:-)

From 2, then 18, then 24 friends in 3 days! Her friends were mostly relatives and her previous officemates.

And yes, she has been updating her FB account everyday….she already has an About Me description which began with “Loves my 3 kids, loves ballroom dancing, blah…blah….blah…” including wake-boarding which I believe she has only tried once without her contact lenses on. How did she enjoy that without seeing a thing?! Maybe I’m just bitter, because I haven’t tried it. 🙂

What a disaster if she starts:

  • Be-friending my real friends and officemates…Oh my!
  • Likes or comments to one of my posts or even my friends’ posts.
  • Starts leaving lecture-type messages on my wall….
  • Worse….starts asking where I am thru my wall or thru my friends’ walls….I just remembered a friend who’s kid would look for her and leave funny messages such as, “Mom, where are you?” or “When are you going home, mom?” 😀
  • Lastly, I’d probably be devastated if she’ll keep on changing her status message….worse, her relationship status!

Perhaps, I’m gonna have to deactivate my account soon….hehehe!

3rd visit to Bohol – day 3

It was a beautiful morning the following day. I was looking forward to the shores of Dumaluan Beach Resort.

While having an early morning stretch, I took photos of the surroundings of Alona Studios.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We took a tricycle ride from Alona Studios to Dumaluan Beach Resort for a fare of Php150.

It was Sunday noon when we reached the resort. The place was crowded mostly filled with locals having a picnic with their friends and families.

We had our lunch at DBR Grill — the lone and the cheapest diner at this side of the island.

DBR Grill's fruit shakes is a must try -- not too sweet... just the right price

I took the liberty of taking a nap by the beach after a hearty lunch of grilled pork belly. I forgot to take a photo of which as I was too hungry.

The view was relaxing… I could easily fall asleep.


But the water was too tempting so I slipped into my swim suit and went snorkeling… To be continued 🙂

Baguio in January: It Kissed My Blues Away [part 2]

After a hefty lunch at Jay-J’s Chicken Inasal, we headed off to Tam-Awan Village.

Tam-Awan Village, Baguio City

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from this village except for Igorot people and houses. Though I was warned that we’ll go hiking, that really got me excited — a way to burn those calories.

Cordillera Hut

Alang – Rice Granary Hut

Dukligan - Fertility Hut

But to my dismay, the hike was really foolish. It rained that morning, thus, my eyes were focused on the trail so I wouldn’t slip in the mud [with dog poop on the side]. I was worried about caterpillars and creepy crawlers. With all these, I didn’t get to appreciate the Igorot houses & the silly dreamcatcher at the top of the village.

There were around 10 of us with a two-year-old kid. Apparently, she appears to be the only one who enjoyed that dangerous hike. I wish I had her naivety.

And she blurted, "That was fun!"

As we descend the hill, we came upon a souvenir shop and a gallery of paintings and artwork. I didn’t get to take pictures since most of which are for sale… The only interesting thing piece that looks cool to me though was this fertility chair… c”,)

I had an even huge appetite after sitting on this fertility chair... but totally not impregnated by the gods.

Too graphic, huh? A not-so-comfortable comfort room. c",)

One of my favorite shots

Don't you dare touch the ....

This cat is cooperating with me... c",)

To be continued…

An Early “Trip or Treat” with the Dead

Myth of the Human Body

My friend & I started the day with a visit to the dead. It is indeed an exhibition of plastinized body parts in a gallery at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Ideal for students, to the naive and nerds like me, what’s interesting about the Myth of the Human Body are the assortment of human organs with lung cancer, enlarged heart, and among others. Make sure you have taken your meal early on before your visit. Entrance fee is at Php350 per head.

Next stop, Libingan ng mga Bayani. Since we were nearby, about 500 meters. from the Exhibition, we dropped by this creepy cemetery of unsung and famous heroes [including past government officials].

Libingan ng mga Bayani

This quiet place is disturbed by passing airplanes as it is just a few kilometers away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport [NAIA]. The graves with passing thru aircrafts made my photo shoot seem more poetic and symbolic.

the cross over...

Afterwards, we dropped by the cemetery of the elite at the Heritage Park which is right across the road. It’s quite a boring place since there were only few graves. But it is an ideal place for families and friends to hang out, have picnic or even fly a kite with its expanse green field.

Heritage Park

And there goes my early “trip and treat” with the dead in celebration of Halloween & All Soul’s Day. 🙂

What hurts the most?

Is it sexual or emotional infidelity?

Most men would reply sexual infidelity as this is a blow to their ego but for women, they would be most likely hurt with emotional infidelity. Source? None, just my imagination… So you might want to contribute to the poll.


But I saw one article by Sharon Begley, science editor of the Newsweek, about Of Sex and ‘Soulmates’ which you might find useful as well. It talked about the Mars vs. Venus theory… a person’s DNA … or simply a person’s history of upbringing.

Nevertheless, I have compiled most of the common signs to detect whether your partner is cheating on you.

To begin with, an emotional infidelity or affair stems from the usual friendship. If your partner seems to talk about a person most often or perhaps try to avoid the discussion about another person yet you know they are friends, there must be something going on.

Another sign of an emotional affair brewing would be when you’re partner seems to be preoccupied. Then suddenly, he/she no longer discusses or seeks advice on his/her personal problems perhaps related to work, finances… or just simply not telling you about his/her day during dinner or before bed time. Or in contrast, he/she might be overly thoughtful and caring perhaps to cover up for something.

You might also notice that your partner seems to be uncommonly and unpredictably away or unreachable. They appear to be wanting some privacy as they enjoy their alone time day dreaming or sneaking to have a short talk or reach out to the third party. Then this would be coupled with the sudden disappearance of credit card and phone bills.

Unusual attention or gifts received from your partner may be used as an excuse for the guilt.

What’s more painful, emotional affairs might lead to sex.

It is easier to spot a man or a woman having a sexual affair. Most of which are physical… are of physical evidence such as keeping condoms or birth control pills when one of you already has one. New underwear, clothes, perfume, etc. When you catch unusual smells of perfume, cigarette, etc. He/she goes home fully showered and claims having been to the gym. Unusual scratches, marks, stains…

A person’s sudden change in sleep pattern and sex drive can also be signs of both sexual and emotional infidelity. Emotionally, your partner may be unable to sleep well as he/she might be thinking about the other person. He/she might be suddenly disengaged with sex not only for the fear of suddenly blurting out the other person’s name while reaching the climax or probably just the guilt feeling or the suppression of which–of not being able to do the same act with the third-party. Sexually, your partner appears to be very experimental…it’s like re-enacting the evil deed and checking whether their partner would appreciate it or not.

When he/she surprisingly encourages you to go on the company trip, attend reunions on your own, giving you some alone time so your partner could in return have some time of his/her own.

Other signs include sudden interest in being in good shape, looking good in appearance and clothing, new hobbies, and music genre; sudden change in his habits and schedule.

Cheating partners can be very sneaky so some [not all] of these signs would be apparent. It varies depending on one’s personality… Any sudden change would give a you a signal… more than anything trust your intuition or simply trust your partner.

Still hot even over 40

I never fancied older men but these guys [over 40] are still hot — ageing gracefully.

Patrick Dempsey @ 44

Robert Downey, Jr. @ 45

Keanu Reeves @ 46

Bradd Pitt @ 47

Johnny Depp @ 47

George Clooney @ 49

Hugh Laurie @ 51

Anthony Bourdain @ 54

Pierce Brosnan @ 57

Richard Gere @ 61

Harrison Ford @ 68